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Waves crash against a barrier on the Outer Banks.

Building resilience for storm-battered N.C. Spring 2021

A diverse team of researchers is addressing the long-term impact of extreme weather.

Samantha Pattenden, Paul Dayton and Sunny Kasoji wear lab coats and masks in the Triangle Biotechnology lab in Research Triangle Park.

Jump-starting startups Spring 2021

Two up-and-coming companies are receiving support through the KickStart Accelerator in the Genome Sciences Building.

Rachel Bangle works in the laser lab with a mask on and pulsing lights around her.

Chasing sunlight Spring 2021

UNC-Chapel Hill chemists are leading an effort to make next-generation liquid fuels directly from sunlight and air.

Rachel Bangle adjusts a device in the laser labs in Murray Hall. Bright blue lights reflect, against a warm orange glow.

Where Science Meets Solutions Spring 2021

Interdisciplinary faculty research designed to tackle compelling problems is finding support from the Institute for Convergent Science in the Genome Sciences Building on campus.

Serhan Ziya’s research on allocating medical resources achieved new urgency during COVID-19.

A pandemic shapes a modeler’s research vision Fall 2020

Professor Serhan Ziya is applying his expertise in operations research to help hospitals and emergency departments during the current pandemic.

JJ Bauer teaches to a webcam in her office.

The Great Pivot Fall 2020

When classes once again shifted to remote delivery in fall 2020, faculty across the College of Arts & Sciences say they were better prepared for it.

Tyree Daye holds a book and is sitting on the steps outside a building.

A Poet’s Southern Atlas Fall 2020

Poet Tyree Daye's newest collection, "Cardinal," explores themes of the Great Migration through his lens as a Black man navigating away from — and returning to — the place he calls home.

Bill Bynum gestures as he talks to someone.

Southern Futures: Chief Hope Officer Fall 2020

UNC alumnus William J. “Bill” Bynum leads a family of organizations named HOPE that is working to strengthen some of the South’s most economically distressed communities.

Madd Heartley with ‘Ain’t you got a right to the tree of life?’ book in front of Wilson Library.

Southern Futures: Cultural activism and the fate of Johns Island Fall 2020

Madd Heartley turned her interest in folk music into a project that explores the impact of civil rights activists on the development of Johns Island, South Carolina.

Historical marker of ‘Green Valley Pharmacy’ in the historically Black community in Arlington, Virginia.

Southern Futures: Exploring intersections of class and race in Green Valley Fall 2020

Moriah James studies the historically Black community of Green Valley in Arlington, Virginia. She wants to highlight the success of local entrepreneurs.

A Landscape image of the Matanzas River

Southern Futures: Vulnerable lives on the Matanzas River Fall 2020

Anna Hamilton's multimedia project, Matanzas Voices, documents the lives of people along the Matanzas River in St. Augustine, Florida.

A group of people involved in the Robeson County project sit around a table talking and laughing.

Southern Futures: Voices of resilience and recovery in Robeson County Fall 2020

Ph.D. candidate Diamond Holloman leads a Southern Futures project that examines the impact of climate change through the lens of environmental humanities.

Blurry abstract downtown Chapel Hill street scene. You can see the Julians and CVS Pharmacy signs.

Southern Futures: Diverse voices for a changing region Fall 2020

Southern Futures is a new campuswide initiative that supports cutting-edge scholarship, creative endeavors and thoughtful conversations across disciplines.

Research is a family affair for Karin and David Pfennig, who often take their daughters Katrina (sitting) and Elsa with them on fieldwork trips to Arizona. (photo by Megan May)

The Frog Family Spring 2020

Every summer, biologists Karin and David Pfennig, along with their daughters, conduct fieldwork on spadefoot toads.

A student sits at a desk looking at a large archival book of ancient handwriting.,

Sleuths in the Archives Spring 2020

Students in an Honors undergraduate seminar spent last semester trying to understand how the University survived financially, in part, from the sale of enslaved people.