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Nightscape of Shenzhen

Guiding China’s Gilded Age: Helping a giant rethink its urban upheaval Spring 2013

City and regional planning professor Yan Song is helping China rethink its urban upheaval. She directs UNC’s Program on Chinese Cities in the Center for Urban and Regional Studies.

Ron Alterovitz in his lab

They, Robots: The future is already here Fall 2012

If you haven’t come across a robot lately, it’s because they’re still not very good with people, says UNC computer scientist Ron Alterovitz.

North Carolina Coastline

The Future of the Outer Banks: Climate change’s effect on N.C.’s barrier islands Fall 2012

Laura Moore uses historical maps, geologic data and computational modeling tools to create simulations that show how the barrier has moved since it first formed about 8,500 years ago, and to calculate how the islands may continue to evolve in the decades and centuries to come.

Lee Weisert records water sounds

Fluid Music: UNC musician explores sounds created by water Fall 2012

When Lee Weisert first heard the chords in “The Rite of Spring” as a high school student, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.

Greg Allgood

Precious Resource: Scientist saves lives through clean water Fall 2012

Greg Allgood (B.S. ’81, M.S.P.H. ’83), a Procter & Gamble scientist, knew his company had developed a packet of chemicals that could clean dirty water in 30 minutes. The product drew widespread interest, but it was almost nixed.

UNC cultural historian Bernie Herman

Oyster Culture: Cultivating the foodways of a Virginia coastal community Fall 2012

Bernie Herman is not a marine biologist, but he knows an awful lot about oysters.