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Tessa Davis straddles a stream while doing measurements as Liz Farquhar kneels down beside her, also doing measurements.
Tessa Davis and Liz Farquhar stand inside a giant colorful sign that spells out the words
Perseverance in the Páramo: Recent graduates Liz Farquhar and Tessa Davis spent two months in Ecuador studying carbon decomposition rates within the North Andean páramo as part of geographer Diego Riveros-Iregui’s research team. They share how the pandemic shaped their research, their senior year and their lives. Click on the photo to read more.

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A cartoon figure of Charles Darwin is shown looking at a globe in this screen capture from the animated Galapagos video.

Learn about UNC's Galapagos Initiative

Learn about how UNC and USFQ partnered to create the Galapagos Science Center in San Cristobal, Galapagos, in this animated film. Here, researchers study the connection between humans and the environment in Darwin's living laboratory.

A beaver swims through the water in the screen capture for this video.

Leave it to Beavers

As urban regions in the Southeast continue to grow and develop, harmful pollutants enter nearby waterways more frequently. UNC researchers think one of the best solutions to prevent this may be investments in the habitats of the furry neighbors already in our backyards: beavers.

Photo of a female researcher flying a drone with her back to the camera.

Carolina’s drone lab takes off

Recently launched to provide a hub for innovative drone and sensing technologies at Carolina, CARDNL serves as a collaborative resource for faculty and student researchers to use for a host of research endeavors.


Tessa Davis, Kriddie Whitmore and Liz Farquhar sit on a pole with a volcano in the background.

Perseverance in the Páramo

Recent graduates Liz Farquhar and Tessa Davis spent two months in Ecuador doing research. They share how the pandemic shaped their journey.

A (Really) Big Birthday Bash

The department of English and comparative literature celebrates 225 years of rhetoric, writing, film and literature at UNC-Chapel Hill in October.

Undergrad Joey Carter is in the water making measurements using a long pole.

A merger of land and sea

Union of geological and marine sciences disciplines erases artificial boundaries.

Claude Clegg, dressed in a suit, sits at his desk and smiles at the camera with a computer screen in the background with a picture of his Obama book cover.

Writing history in real time

Claude Clegg's new book on President Barack Obama is a comprehensive account of his early years, his journey to the national stage, his eight years in office -- and beyond.

Ryan Smith pictured smiling behind a brick wall background

A drive to serve and achieve

Chancellor’s Science Scholar Ryan Smith helps make science and technology accessible for underrepresented middle school students.

Rhiannon Giddens pictured smiling behind a yellow backdrop

CPA announces Southern Futures initiative

CPA has announced “Southern Futures," an initiative that meets a pivotal moment in history by engaging artists and community partners in restorative justice and co-creation.

Also Inside

Cover of the Carolina Arts & Sciences magazine fall 2021 features three young women in Ecuador standing in front of a volcano. The text on the cover reads: Lessons from the Andes: High-impact research at high altitudes. ALSO INSIDE: Land and sea unite, English at 225, Seeing patterns in data.

Inside This Issue

Lessons from the Andes: High-impact research at high altitudes. ALSO INSIDE: Land and sea unite, English at 225, Seeing patterns in data. Click on the magazine cover to view a reader-friendly flipbook.

Dean Terry Rhodes poses with students after a boat trip.

Letter From the Dean

At the beginning of the semester, I took a field trip to the North Carolina coast to attend Rachel Noble’s undergraduate class, “Human Impacts on Estuarine Processes.”

Thomas Wadden pictured in a black and white 1976 class photo

Give to Carolina

“I received a priceless education at Carolina,” said Thomas Wadden (Ph.D. '81), whose support will help graduate students in clinical psychology. Wadden is a clinical psychologist and educator who is known for his research in behavioral medicine and health psychology.

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