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Bernard Bell watches student presentations in “Principles and Practice,” a course that focuses on core entrepreneurial skills including innovation, creative design, customer development and team dynamics.

Entrepreneurship’s big boost

Cable industry veteran Bernard Bell will lead the newly named Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship.

Fall 2017 Fall 2017, Features, Issues

Carolina graduate Thompson Paine (far left) made sure all of the Silicon Valley Maymester students received T-shirts when they visited Quizlet, where he is the vice president for operations and business development.

Access to innovators

Alumni give students in Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship an immersive semester-long experience in Silicon Valley.

Fall 2017 Fall 2017, Features, Issues

Margaret Scarry and Donald Haggis stand at the Azoria site

A monumental dig

A large-scale archaeological project on Crete has created an enduring collaboration, an experiential global learning opportunity for UNC students and a future heritage tourism site for the region.

Fall 2017 Fall 2017, Features, Issues

Rachel Willis in front of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and Port of Wilmington

Water Over the Bridge

A professor of American studies is helping port communities worldwide understand how rising sea levels and other impacts of climate change affect shipping and coastal infrastructures.

Fall 2017 Faculty Up Close, Fall 2017, Features, Inside, Issues

Steve Anderson stands at a whiteboard and explains some of the theory behind improvisation in jazz composition at the National Conservatory of Music in Santo Domingo.

A love for Latin rhythm

Music professor Stephen Anderson, a critically acclaimed composer and pianist, has a knack for finding Latin rhythms wherever he goes — most recently, the Dominican Republic.

Fall 2017 Faculty Up Close, Fall 2017, Features, Inside, Issues

Katie Moga holds an adhesive patch embedded with microneedles which was deisgned to deliver medication painlessly. This is an example of multidisciplinary research known as convergent science.

Convergent science gains momentum

Rich Superfine, chair of the department of applied physical sciences, explains this next-generation approach to science and the new institute that will be home to it at UNC.

Fall 2017 Fall 2017, Features, Issues

Staff members Wallace Ambrose, Amar S. Kumbhar and Carrie Donley support the nanocomposites research of professors Theo Dingemans, Greg Forest and Peter Mucha —producing high-resolution images of carbon nanotubes embedded in crystalline polymer. They stand in front of equipment in the Chapel Hill Analytical and Nanofabrication Laboratory.

Science sized super-small

UNC researchers converge to pool their talents, creating nanocomposites with extraordinary properties.

Fall 2017 Fall 2017, Features, Issues

Jan Chambers' sketches based on Abbas Ibn Firnas' designs

Synergy Unleashed: Exploring the potential of interdisciplinary mashups

In the College of Arts & Sciences, we believe that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts, which is why we are removing the barriers that … Continued

Spring 2017 Cover Stories, Features, Issues, Spring 2017

Jan Chambers, Glaire Anderson and Laura Miller hold a facsimile of an 11th-century Arabic manuscript

Flight of fancy

An art historian, a costume designer, a math biologist, a biomedical engineer and a team of undergraduate researchers unite to reimagine a breathtaking 9th-century flying experiment —and make a notable … Continued

Spring 2017 Cover Stories, Features, Inside, Issues, Spring 2017

Adonis Tello-Chavez looks at old records in Wilson Library

Helping students explore being Maya

Maya from the Margins connects anthropologists and librarians in North Carolina and Mexico to teach students about their Maya identity.

Spring 2017 Cover Stories, Features, Inside, Issues, Spring 2017