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Cover of fall 2022 magazine shows a young woman researcher holding binoculars and looking up into the sky. She is standing in a field.

In the Field: A summer of discovery for Carolina researchers. ALSO INSIDE: When IDEAs meet action, Meet Dean Jim White, Exploring the multiverse.

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Anna Atencio poses for a picture on the beach.

Surveyor and storyteller Tar Heels Up Close

Anna Atencio was a member of the first Chancellor’s Science Scholars cohort. Now she helps tell the unseen story below the seafloor as a geophysicist on the coast of North Carolina.

Headshot of Rachel McCarthy in her ROTC uniform

Leading Blue Heaven Tar Heels Up Close

Wing Commander Rachel McCarthy is the highest-ranking cadet in DET 590, aka Blue Heaven, but the senior’s path to ROTC wasn’t a traditional one.

Mosaic depicting a fox eating grapes in neutral colors.

Excavations reveal first known depictions of biblical heroines in Jewish art The Scoop

A group of researchers and students excavated a Jewish synagogue and found mosaics of religious art that formed an important milestone in Jewish artwork.

The FedEx Global Education Center sign and building

Area studies centers awarded $12 million in federal grants The Scoop

The U.S. Department of Education will award $12 million to UNC’s six area studies centers, which provide resources, programming and outreach opportunities for the study of specific regions and languages.

Two people stand in a fault line created by an earthquake

Research on rare N.C. earthquake aids preparation, forecasting The Scoop

Research performed by Carolina geologist Kevin Stewart and his students in Sparta, North Carolina, contributes to statewide earthquake planning.

Professor Brian Hogan sits in front of a whiteboard displaying the periodic table of elements.

A circuitous path Videos

Brian Hogan’s journey to becoming a teaching professor in the College of Arts and Science’s chemistry department has been anything but a straight path. But through perseverance and an ask for help, the Tar Heel found a way to quiet the doubt that lingered in the back of his mind.

Four people on stage, the second to the left holding a trophy above their head.

#Throwback: Innovation celebration The Scoop

The Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship hosted a duct tape-themed innovation challenge in 2017 to celebrate the naming of their program.

A photo of students on the beach in the Galapagos beside the text "Study Abroad in the Galapagos Islands"

Study abroad in the Galapagos Islands Videos

Of all the international locations Tar Heels can visit as part of Carolina’s study abroad, the Galápagos Islands are one of the most unique. A group of Tar Heels studying abroad in the Galápagos Islands this summer had the chance to hike up volcanic craters, snorkel in the ocean, fly drones over the landscape, join a beach cleanup and learn about the unique islands.

Monarch butterfly perched on a flower

How to help endangered monarch butterflies The Scoop

Monarch butterflies are now endangered due to deforestation and localized weather events, but there are steps that members of the public can take to help.

Waves crash against the shore at the beach.

The Wave Whisperer Videos

Jana Haddad at the Institute of Marine Sciences is using physics to study how living shorelines affect ocean waves and could stem the tide of coastal erosion.

Left to right: Headshot of Britney Hong, Hong's zine

Virtual ‘zine’ highlights Southeast Asian American writers in N.C. The Scoop

Britney Hong published a virtual magazine that seeks to answer the question: How do American authors from the South use writing to reconcile their intersecting identities?

Black-and-white headshot of Blair L.M. Kelley

Historian of Black experience to lead Center for the Study of the American South The Scoop

As the next step in an accomplished career of teaching and research, Blair L.M. Kelley will join UNC as a professor and the next director of the Center for the Study of the American South.

Two open books and a hand pointing to writing in one book. A cup of coffee sits on the table with the books along with some flowers.

Feed your reading habit: More books by College faculty and alumni Chapter & Verse

Enjoy more books by College faculty and alumni in the fall 2022 issue.