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Quirky illustration of a cartoony machine/engine

Illustration by Nathan Golub.

Igniting Creativity

Imagine. Inspire. Think. Create. Engineer. Ignite. Innovate.

In the College, those words make up the fabric of what we do every day, whether it’s showcasing unfinished works to create a dialogue between artist and audience, using a traditional discipline like geography in an unexpected way or providing campus makerspaces for students to invent and explore. The following stories show how creativity gets our gears going — how the art of making and creating is valuable to the work of faculty, students and alumni across the arts, humanities and sciences.

Honoring the Unfinished Work

Students Learn to ‘BeAM’ in Telescope-Building Class

A Report Card for Poverty

Mapping Infectious Disease

PlayMakers’ Vivienne Benesch: Creating ‘Richer and Deeper Art’

Entrepreneurial Opportunities Inspire Comic Book Nonprofit

Reveling in Reinvention

Quotes on Creativity:

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