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New book celebrates UNC student playwrights

October 3, 2017

Dana Coen, director of UNC’s Writing for the Screen and Stage minor in the department of communication, recently discussed the program and Twenty-Five Short Plays: Selected Works from The University of North Carolina Long Story Shorts Festival, 2011-2015, published by UNC Press in September.

Welcome to the Mind Club

September 19, 2016

UNC psychology and neuroscience assistant professor Kurt Gray and co-author Daniel Wegner’s new book is “The Mind Club: Who Thinks, What Feels, and Why it Matters” (Penguin Group, 2016). Gray and the late Harvard University psychology professor discuss what it means to have a mind and who (or what) belongs in “the mind club.”

College Bookshelf Fall 2014

September 15, 2014

Books on the edible South, how Jesus became God, the aftermath of 9/11, ancient Roman libraries, mountain poetry and more.

College Bookshelf Spring 2014

March 12, 2014

Remembering Bill Friday, a new collection from Russell Banks, plus books on Eating Asian American, the Southerner’s guide to living a good life, military chaplains and the Vietnam War, the “other Gospels,” politics from Nixon to NAFTA, and more

College Bookshelf Fall 2013

September 12, 2013

New books on Cuban history, school desegregation, Jewish literature, a legendary folk music coffeehouse, the battle between the Hatfields and the McCoys, Islamophobia in America, and more.