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UNC historian Fitz Brundage in front of the Thomas Wolfe Memorial on UNC’s campus,

Mapping Historical Memory Features

A new UNC digital collection, Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina, is creating a portrait of the state’s history through monuments, shrines and public art.

David Godschalk and Jonathan Howes in front of a helicopter

Chronicling a decade of campus growth Chapter & Verse, Features

David Godschalk and Jonathan Howes tell the story of the sweeping makeover of the 200-year-old UNC campus, with 6 million square feet of buildings constructed and a million square feet of historic buildings renovated during one vibrant decade.

Patrick Vanderjeugdt on the ledge of the clock face inside UNC's Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower.

Hark the Sound The Scoop

Patrick VanderJeugdt, a senior chemistry major and sustainability minor from Waxhaw, has secret access to all the charms of Carolina’s iconic Morehead-Patterson Bell Tower.