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Display of foods for Vietnamese New Year

Mapping a Culinary Mashup: Laos and a Local Community Features

Katy Clune (M.A. American studies/folklore) documented an example of global foodways in the rural American South through her project on Lao cuisine in Morganton, N.C.

Marcie Ferris at her home in Chapel Hill

Food, Glorious Food Features

We asked American studies professor Marcie Ferris about everything from using food as a lens to examine history to stereotypes about Southern food to her own go-to comfort meal.

A display of plates on a bright blue background

Food for All: Local and Global Perspectives Features

For the next two years, the Carolina community will come together around a common table with food as the University’s new academic theme — exploring a plateful of topics, including food cultures and security, nutrition, world hunger, sustainable development and the impact of climate change.