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Lucas Meachem video

Baritone Lucas Meachem shares his craft at Carolina Spring 2019

Grammy-winning opera singer Lucas Meachem works with Carolina students during master classes as an artist-in-residence with UNC-Chapel Hill’s department of music.

Two students look at an artifact from the Ackland Art Museum for a QEP class.

Connecting, doing and making Fall 2018

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a five-year initiative that promotes experiential learning in its theme of “Learning by Connecting, Doing and Making.”

Video: Emotional Environment

Emotional Environment Fall 2018

Meredith Emery blends art and science in a multimedia project to change how the public relates to the local environment.

Kevin Guskiewicz slide for 225 Years video

225 Years of Carolina: The College Fall 2018

As dean, Kevin Guskiewicz is dedicated to keeping the College of Arts & Sciences “strategic, bold and student-focused.”

Video preview: Water over the bridge

Water over the bridge Spring 2018

Every single day, all over the world, the sea creeps up the coastline, and the distance between the top of the water and the bottom of bridges decreases, eliminating the possibility of shipping traffic for global freight to get under those structures. UNC American studies professor Rachel Willis is developing global ideas and solutions to help port communities cope with the impact of climate change.

Video preview: Chemistry Bicentennial

Chemistry Spring 2018

Carolina chemistry is celebrating its 200th birthday. A key secret to reaching this venerable milestone and achieving an international reputation has been to invest in generations of promising young scientists and to provide them with the tools they need to thrive. Today, young scholars continue to work alongside foundational members of the department.

Video preview: Reef. Sleep. Repeat.

Reefs Spring 2018

In December, graduate students from the UNC Department of Marine Sciences spent 10 days transplanting corals on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef in southern Belize. The data they collect from this research could impact coral reef conservation efforts in the future.

Video preview: Minor sets the stage

Writing minor sets the stage Spring 2018

The Writing for the Screen and Stage Program at Carolina is an interdisciplinary writing program housed in the communication department. As a two-year minor, it offers undergraduate students, from all disciplines, the unique opportunity to focus specifically on the craft of dramatic writing and is designed for those considering writing careers in theatre, film, television or the web.

Video preview: Keepers of the Coast

Coastal Keepers Spring 2018

To better protect coastal communities, researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill are teaming up with researchers from Oregon State to conduct studies on North Carolina’s sand dunes. How do they grow? How do they change over time? What environments promote dune growth?

Video preview: 10 years of the FedEx Global Education Center

FedEx Global Center Spring 2018

In honor of the FedEx Global Education Center’s ten year anniversary, this film highlights two values important to the centers, institutes, and offices within the Center: Nelson Mandela’s humanitarian ideals and the importance of languages in international education.

Video preview: Faculty on Research: Kathleen Harris

Adolescent Health Spring 2018

Sociologist Kathleen Harris discusses Add Health, the largest study on adolescent health that also looks at the social and biological determinants on health and health behavior.

Video preview: A Love for Latin Rhythm

Love for Latin Spring 2018

You never know where you’ll end up when you follow your passions. For music professor Steve Anderson, his passions have led him to the Dominican Republic on multiple occasions.

Video preview: 'Step Right Up'

‘Step Right Up’ to Dougherty’s sculpture Spring 2018

Patrick Dougherty’s latest stickwork sculpture, “Step Right Up,” has its home outside the Ackland Art Museum. Dougherty, who received a bachelor’s in English in the College of Arts & Sciences in 1967, later returned to UNC’s art department for post-graduate work in 1981 and 1982.