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Collage of past Carolina Arts & Sciences magazine covers

A+S magazine posterWe celebrated 10 years and 20 issues of Carolina Arts & Sciences magazine last spring, which prompted us to think about a makeover. We emailed a survey to our nearly 15,000 readers, and your responses provided valuable feedback that shaped our redesign.

You told us that shorter features, an-easier-to read typeface and simpler layout were key. Creative packaging of content would help you better navigate the pages. You suggested we go for a more stylish, modern look. You liked the idea of themed issues, and we thought the kickoff of Carolina’s two-year academic theme, “Food for All,” offered the perfect opportunity to try that out.

You said you like photos, and lots of them, and that you enjoy seeing old photos from your time at Carolina. We’ve added a new feature, #Throwback, in which we have combed the archives to find an interesting photo that we hope will spark some memories.

Let us know what you think of our new look, and thank you for taking the time to read Carolina Arts & Sciences magazine. Share your thoughts by emailing

  • Kim Weaver Spurr ‘88, editor, and the College of Arts and Sciences communications team


Published in the Fall 2015 issue | The Scoop

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