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James Klinger, Kate Henz and Lachonya Williams

From left, James Klinger, Kate Henz and Lachonya Williams work closely together to oversee business operations for the College of Arts & Sciences. (photo by Kristen Chavez)

A new senior leadership team will work closely to oversee business operations in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Kate Henz recently joined the College from UNC General Administration to become senior associate dean for administration and business strategy. Henz will oversee all business operations, which includes finance and human resources.

Henz’s arrival and the addition of Jim Klingler (coming from NC State) as the new associate dean for finance and budget management last fall, together with Lachonya Williams as associate dean for human resources, mark the full transition of the new administrative structure for the College implemented by Dean Kevin Guskiewicz.

The objective of the new team is to create a more sophisticated model of business administration that ensures effective operations across the College, implements innovative business solutions and advances the College’s mission and vision through strategic planning and engagement.



Published in the Spring 2017 issue | The Scoop

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