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Dean Rhodes gives a thumbs up while wearing a Tar Heels face mask.

Masks are required on campus now as part of our new normal.

Virtual greetings from the first-ever virtual issue of Carolina Arts & Sciences magazine. We’ve made a number of changes in the College of Arts & Sciences since last spring to cope with COVID-19 and the changes it has necessitated throughout the world. Moving our publication to an online format was one small move, although we plan to return to print in the spring. More important are the adjustments our students and faculty have had to make as we learn how to operate in this new environment. I’m enormously proud of how our instructors have pivoted to remote instruction, striving to make their classes more inclusive as well as more compelling and engaging. I’m also gratified that most of the College’s research operations are continuing uninterrupted, with many of our scientists contributing to the knowledge base of the coronavirus. And I’m ever-inspired by how much our talented students are accomplishing — in their online classes and through extracurricular activities such as service projects and remote internships.

This is our new normal. We are still teaching, advancing knowledge through research and serving the state, nation and world. This is what a great university does — adapts to changing circumstances and rises to address the challenges before us. The stories in this issue provide example after example of our College community continuing its mission unabated. I’m confident that Carolina will continue to lead the way.


Terry Ellen Rhodes signature

Published in the Fall 2020 issue | Letter from Dean

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