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Jan Chambers

A sketchbook shows Jan Chambers' early work in the interdisciplinary "Medieval 'First in Flight'" project, which brought together faculty from both the arts and the sciences. (photo by Steve Exum)

Stephen R. Covey, the leadership guru who penned The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, said: “Synergy is what happens when one plus one equals 10 or a 100 or even a thousand! It’s the profound result when two or more respectful human beings determine to go beyond their preconceived ideas to meet a great challenge.”

In the College of Arts & Sciences, we believe that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts, which is why we are removing the barriers that prevent creative collaborations across disciplines.

In the stories that follow, you’ll discover unconventional partnerships that demonstrate how we are unleashing new ways of thinking by encouraging a diversity of perspectives as we seek to solve complex problems.

UNC linguists and computer scientists pair up to tackle password security. Artists and scientists bring to life a medieval flight experiment. Anthropologists and archivists help students on two continents explore their shared culture. And much more.

Flight of fancy

Helping students explore being Maya

“Spork Lab” tackles password security

Creating a buzz about health humanities

High-tech fluids lab attracts waves of research partners

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot for the “Synergy Unleashed” feature package!

Published in the Spring 2017 issue | Features

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