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Tar Heels Up Close

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A headshot of Victoria

A thrilling debut Fall 2023

Victoria Wlosok signed a book deal for her young adult thriller with a “big five” publisher when she was still a first-year student. On Sept. 19, her work hit the shelves. 

Headshot of Ari Green leaning on a railing in a Chapel Hill neighborhood

‘Root shock’ Fall 2023

Graduate student Ari Green is studying the experiences of Black people being displaced from their homes and communities in three urban areas.

Katharine Aha, seated at a table in the Graham Memorial Building lounge.

Analyzing political accountability abroad Spring 2018

Druscilla French Fellowship helps Ph.D. candidate Katharine Aha advance her research on ethnic minority coalitions in East-Central Europe.

Cicek Beeby at the Azoria site in Crete

A teacher digs deeper Fall 2016

Graduate assistant Cicek Beeby gets her hands dirty explaining archaeology.

Sara Khan

A Passion for Medicine, Global Health and Complex Issues Spring 2016

For Sara Khan, global studies’ interdisciplinary programs have been the perfect place to better understand topics like structural violence, accessibility to health care programs and social determinants of health.