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Conserving Corals in the Caribbean

March 22, 2018

Justin Baumann, a Ph.D. student in the College’s department of marine sciences, works alongside Mariko Wallen, a local diver, in Placencia, Belize.

A plan and a partnership: $10 million gift supports strategic initiatives

March 21, 2018

John and Marree Townsend’s commitments to UNC-Chapel Hill over the years have been both plentiful and purposeful — and none more so than their most recent $10 million gift to the College of Arts & Sciences to establish the Townsend Family Strategic Initiatives Fund and the Marree Shore Townsend Fellowship in the Institute for the Arts and Humanities.

“Blue Morpho”

March 21, 2018

Evana Bodiker is a senior pursuing majors in English and religious studies and a minor in creative writing. “Blue Morpho” is one of the poems featured in her new poetry collection, Ephemera.

Winning Words: The sports announcer

March 21, 2018

Emmy Award-winning sports announcer Jim Lampley tells young people interested in his profession that “in live television commentary, it’s all about language skills.”

Winning Words: The stickwork artist

March 21, 2018

Patrick Dougherty says when you’re trying to elicit feelings and emotions through art, “that’s not unlike creating a great novel.”

Learning and Writing Center gift helps ensure students’ success

March 20, 2018

In addition to significant planned gifts to the College that benefit scholarships, technology and innovation in the Learning and Writing Center, and diversity initiatives in the department of computer science, couple Alex Yong and Wendi Sturgis have created an immediate-use fund for the Learning and Writing Center.

Carolina Quoted

March 20, 2018

When national and international media need experts to comment on and analyze news and trends, they turn to Carolina faculty and alumni.