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Compass illustration with Old Well in center. By John Roman

The compass shows the Old Well at its center.

Tar Heels’ True North

Terrestrial stretched out illustration map shows five graphical images representing stories in the cover package: a bridge, a brain, a soccer ball, a cooking pot, a camera and artist's palette and a little mini compass with Old Well at center. (illustration by John Roman) (Illustrations by John Roman)

IN OUR COVER PACKAGE: In casual parlance, “true north” refers to finding the right path on life’s journey. Herein are five stories of Tar Heels who directed their compass toward creating a better tomorrow: A Carolina alumna who founded a nonprofit to cure clubfoot around the world. An undergraduate student who launched a cooperative to help refugee women in the Triangle share their food and culture. A graduate student whose research targets troubled teens. A scholar who studies artists’ representations of immigration issues as a means to transform prejudice into understanding. A program that bridges the town-and-gown divide through humanities scholarship for the public good.

Find more stories about inspiring Tar Heels throughout the magazine, including an alumnus who is a leader in fighting doping in athletes, an undergraduate who’s a decorated military veteran, an alumni couple who ignite a magical spark in young readers and a faculty member whose research may speed disaster recovery efforts worldwide and at home.


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