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Institute for Convergent Science will speed process from discovery to impact

In fall 2017, UNC-Chapel Hill announced, as part of the kickoff of the Campaign for Carolina, that it was creating the UNC Institute for Convergent Science. With a feasibility plan … Continued

Fall 2018

Tiber Falzett with bagpipes

Scottish Gaelic studies will highlight N.C. ties

Visiting lecturer Tiber Falzett will share his love of an endangered language and traditions with Carolina students. Folklorist, scholar and musician Tiber Falzett is passionate about sharing the Scottish Gaelic … Continued

Fall 2018

Closeup of Randall Kenan, who said it is gratifying “to see the lights come on” in students’ faces. (photo by Donn Young)

Master storyteller

Creative writing professor Randall Kenan, recently inducted into the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame, is proud to be part of the “writingest state.” When Randall Kenan ’85 learned that … Continued

Fall 2018

Tamlin Pavelsky with Landsat images of the Alaska coast and the Tanana River in his office in Mitchell Hall at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (photo by Dan Sears)

Plotting a watery map of the world

An early appreciation of rivers and lakes in his childhood home in Alaska fuels geologist Tamlin Pavelsky’s passion to understand water storage in lakes around the globe. How much water … Continued

Fall 2018

Joe Kwon, pictured in his Raleigh home, enjoys tending to his large garden when not on the road with the Avett Brothers. (photo by Kristen Chavez)

‘It feels like a celebration’

For Avett Brothers’ cellist Joe Kwon, the music keeps calling him back. Joe Kwon ’02 believes in the connection between art and science, calling them “blood relatives.” Music is very … Continued

Fall 2018

SOHP Director Rachel Seidman. (photo by Donn Young)

Saving lives through stories

The Southern Oral History Program launches a major research initiative — to collect oral histories in rural North Carolina communities that inform health care research, practice and policy. Maddy Kameny … Continued

Fall 2018

Meredith Emery sits in the Art Lab, behind her are stone slabs with her photographs pasted on top.

Emotional Environment

When Meredith Emery accompanied geography researchers to photograph them conducting fieldwork, she couldn’t believe the amount of litter strewn along streambeds and forest lines. Now she’s sharing these images through … Continued

Fall 2018

Cho Oyu, the sixth tallest mountain on Earth looms large in the background over the village of Gokyo by the shore of lake 3. (photo by Roberto Camassa)

Science, spirituality and synergy in Nepal

Editor’s note: Learn about the researchers’ return journey to Nepal 15 months later here: In a three-week journey from Chapel Hill to the Himalayas to study the effects of … Continued

Fall 2018