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Oral History Fieldwork

Oral History Fieldwork: #Throwback Photo

Students conduct interviews as part of the folklore curriculum in 1975. Christopher “Kip” Lornell (M.A. folklore ’77) is holding the boom mic for an interview with the last black medicine-show performer, Arthur “Peg Leg Sam” Jackson, who was featured in the documentary Born for Hard Luck.

The curriculum in American studies began in 1967-68 and was one of the first interdisciplinary programs at UNC. It became a department in 2008. However, one of its concentrations, folklore, dates to 1940, when Carolina was the first institution in the nation to offer a graduate degree in that discipline.

Do you have memories of your time in folklore, American studies or conducting oral history interviews? Email us your stories at (Photo courtesy of North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives, University Libraries)