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Milestone Moments in the College of Arts & Sciences

Carolina celebrated its 225th anniversary this academic year. The College of Arts & Sciences used the occasion to mark several moments in its own history including its origins in 1795 with the hiring of three faculty and the adoption of its modern-day name in 1935.

Learn more about the College of Arts & Sciences’ history through this in-depth timeline.

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Milestone Moments in the College of Arts & Sciences—an infographic timeline / 1795: Students: 41 Faculty: 3 Departments: 2 Illustration of Hinton James, the first student to arrive at UNC. Illustration from 1935 Yackety Yack yearbook. / 1883: Students: 207 Faculty: 13 Departments: 15 Undergraduate Majors: 4 Graduates: 15 UNC-Chapel Hill celebrates its centennial, confers its first Ph.D. to William Battle Phillips. / 1935: Students: 2,704 Faculty: 196 Departments: 24 Undergraduate Majors: 30 Graduates 202 *undergraduates in the College of Liberal Arts and School of Applied Science College of Arts & Sciences is formally established / 1993: Students: 14,965 Faculty: 721 Departments: 32 Undergraduate Majors: 74 Graduates: 2,957 University celebrates its bicentennial. Department of Communication Studies, Center for European Studies established. / 2018: Students: 19,067 Faculty: 998 Departments: 44 Undergraduate Majors: 93 Graduates: 3,075 Today, the College is also home to Honors Carolina, study abroad, PlayMakers Repertory, three ROTC programs, BeAM and six global area studies centers.