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Spring 2023 magazine cover features a group of peole celebrating with confetti

The final spring 2023 magazine cover (photo by Donn Young)

Behind the scenes: The campaign celebration photo shoot

What does it take to make a great magazine cover? Planning, patience and lots of confetti! We transformed the James Moeser Auditorium stage in the department of music’s Hill Hall into a portable studio complete with blue background for the cover shoot. The Campaign for Carolina benefited multitudes; our cover models from across the College of Arts and Sciences represent just a few of the success stories.

(Special thanks to Jesse Moorefield and Cat Zachary in the department of music for their help in securing our photo shoot location).

Read the campaign cover story.

Photographer Donn Young explains what’s going to happen and revs up the group’s energy!

Donn Young gestures with his arms as he stands in front of the group on stage before the shoot.


It’s almost go-time!

Donn Young stands behind his camera readying the shot.

Ready, set, confetti!

Two assistants throw confetti at the group from the side of the studio backdrop and the top of the studio backdrop.

All smiles for another take!

One more throw of confetti -- an arm sticks out of the side of the frame tossing the confetti.

The final result — perfect! Pictured, front row left: Marissa Carmi, Fitzhugh Brundage, Kim Abels. Middle row: Ayana Monroe, Patricia Rosenmeyer, Tony Royle. Back row: Agustin Orozco, Dan Asanov, Sarah Treul Roberts.

A group of nine people cheer with confetti streaming around them to celebrate the end of the Campaign for Carolina.