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Graham Memorial Hall exterior surrounded by trees on the Carolina campus.

College faculty are often quoted in local, state, national and international media. (photo of Graham Memorial building by Donn Young)

Carolina Quoted, fall 2018

When national and international media need experts to comment on and analyze news and trends, they turn to Carolina faculty and alumni. Of course, College of Arts & Sciences faculty members often make news of their own with groundbreaking research findings. Here are just a few examples; see more at

The New Yorker

“New York is one of the most, if not the most, diverse Muslim cities in the world. There is no such thing as a ‘Muslim world’ somewhere else.”

  • Katie Merriman, Ph.D. candidate in religious studies, on the free walking tours she gives on New York’s Muslim history.


Yahoo Finance

“Respondents viewed stay-at-home parents as less reliable, less deserving of a job — and the biggest penalty — less committed to work, compared with unemployed applicants.”

  • Kate Weisshaar, assistant professor of sociology, on a study that found only 4.9 percent of stay-at-home mothers were contacted for job interviews after sending in resumes



“By better understanding the factors that lead us to become hangry, we can give people the tools to recognize when hunger is [negatively] impacting their feelings and behaviors.”

  • Jennifer MacCormack, Ph.D. candidate in psychology and neuroscience, on the psychological mechanisms that transform hunger into feeling “hangry”


Photo of a man (face not shown) reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee. He is dressed in a business suit with tie. (photo by rawpixel for unsplash)


The New Republic

“They’re only measuring for E. coli total, not the specific types of E. coli that can make you sick.”

  • Rachel Noble, professor of marine sciences, on the real problem with the effectiveness of most E. coli tests after an outbreak linked to romaine lettuce


U.S News & World Report

“Right now the Triangle is experiencing a housing crunch. We have an affordability problem as it is.”

  • Mai Nguyen, associate professor of city and regional planning, on growing pains for North Carolina’s booming capital if Apple chooses Raleigh for a new U.S. campus


Science News

The observation of tornillos [ low-frequency seismic events] in volcano infrasound recordings “is a very cool thing.”

  • Jonathan Lees, professor of geological sciences, on the sounds recorded in the 2015 eruption of Ecuador’s Cotopaxi volcano


LeVar Burton Reads (podcast)

  • Actor LeVar Burton reads Sea Girls, a short story about a stranded mermaid, by Daniel Wallace, J. Ross MacDonald Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing, featured in episode 26