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underwater force

Discovering a new fundamental underwater force

A team of mathematicians from UNC-Chapel Hill and Brown University has discovered a new phenomenon that generates a fluidic force capable of moving and binding particles immersed in density-layered fluids. … Continued

Spring 2020

korean studies major

University adds new Korean studies major

Thirteen years after 23 students enrolled in the first Korean language class at Carolina, the University has added a major in Korean studies.  Korean studies majors will take Korean language courses … Continued

Spring 2020


Meaning of emotions may differ across the world

The Somali word for fear is cabsi. In Tagalog, takot. In Icelandic, ótti. But do these translations communicate the same human experience? Psychology researchers from UNC-Chapel Hill, in collaboration with … Continued

Spring 2020

virtual museum

A virtual museum of ancient N.C. history

Ancient North Carolinians is a new virtual museum that raises awareness of the 15,000-year history of North Carolina’s indigenous populations and provides educational resources for the state’s teachers and students. … Continued

Spring 2020

Humanities Fellows

Mellon-funded undergraduate fellows develop new public humanities projects

The inaugural class of Humanities Futures undergraduate fellows began work this spring as part of the Humanities for the Public Good initiative. The 10 students will have lab-style meetings and … Continued

Spring 2020

river ice loss

Estimating the global extent of river ice loss

More than half of Earth’s rivers freeze over every year. These frozen rivers support important transportation networks for communities and industries located at high latitudes. Ice cover also regulates the … Continued

Spring 2020


#Throwback: Happy 100 years, sociology

Sociology marks its centennial birthday this year. Learn more about the department at In this photo from the 1930s, Howard Odum is in the Regionalism Lab in the Alumni … Continued

Spring 2020


Transformational gift to fund new sports medicine complex

A transformational gift from Don and Billie Stallings of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and Palm Beach, Florida, will fund the physical expansion of current University programs dedicated to sports medicine, … Continued

Spring 2020

Emily Hynes

Giving voice to the marginalized

A graduate student is using digital humanities tools to examine musical recordings from prisons in the American South to bring the true stories of the recordings to light. Emily Hynes … Continued

Spring 2020

Leader, advocate, entrepreneur

Service is the thread that runs through Chris Suggs’ endeavors, from founding an organization to help teens in his hometown to serving as president of the Black Student Movement at … Continued

Spring 2020