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Strawberry preserves on decorated plates and bowls.

Strawberry shortcakes with sorghum whip

This is my family recipe for shortcakes. It’s technically a cream biscuit recipe, but it’s my go-to for last-minute spring and summer desserts with seasonal fruit and a whipped topping. … Continued

Spring 2022

UNC English Majors Through the Ages. Illustration of portraits by Daniel Wallace, of imagined students from 1795, 1863, 1927, 1950, 1968 and 2022.

You’re invited to a big bash in fall 2021

Illustration by Daniel Wallace, J. Ross MacDonald Distinguished Professor and director of the Creative Writing Program. We asked the prolific author to help us generate excitement for a big birthday; … Continued

Spring 2021

Trees in a forest

By Land

I’ve lived on dirt roads that bent and ended at a gate of pines, the dust skipped up didn’t make my mother look like a dream. I’ve lived on roads … Continued

Fall 2020

Old Well with yellow tulips

Carolina in my mind (online exclusive)

Whether it’s the flowers blooming at the Old Well or a simple stroll through Polk Place, spring is one of the most beautiful seasons on Carolina’s campus. Yet, as we … Continued

Spring 2020

JJ Bauer

Places and spaces

An updated version of art professor John Allcott’s seminal The Campus at Chapel Hill: Two Hundred Twenty-Five Years of Architecture was published this fall. The 1986 book is filled with … Continued

Fall 2019

A view of glaciers with the snow in the foreground from Juneau Icefield. (photo by Andrew Opila)

A View of Two Glaciers

A swath of snow smooths the Taku like a long blanket tucking in the mountains, sleeping in as the sun begins to sweat. An avalanche rumbles a tumbling snore.   … Continued

Spring 2019

Carolina celebrates its 225th birthday this year.

Celebrating Carolina’s 225th

Illustration by Will Black, who graduated from Carolina in 2011 with degrees in fine art and history. Since 2017, Black has worked as an administrative support specialist in the College of … Continued

Fall 2018