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Fitzhugh Brundage sits backward on a chair, leaning on the backrest, in Epilogue Books. Shelves and displays of books fill the background.

Southern history revisited

A groundbreaking volume weaves a new narrative of the South from its ancient past to the present, drawing on top scholars’ work in global and Atlantic world history, histories of … Read more

Spring 2023

A stack of books with one open book on top and a bookshelf in the background.

Fill your bookshelf: More reads by College faculty and alumni

In addition to our Chapter & Verse feature, enjoy more books in the spring 2023 issue. Read the monthly “Bookmark This” feature by searching those terms on the College website. … Read more

Spring 2023

Two open books and a hand pointing to writing in one book. A cup of coffee sits on the table with the books along with some flowers.

Feed your reading habit: More books by College faculty and alumni

Inclusive Teaching: Strategies for Promoting Equity in the College Classroom (West Virginia University Press) by Kelly A. Hogan and Viji Sathy, UNC professors and associate deans in the Office of … Read more

Fall 2022

Laura Mersini-Houghton in her office with the book on her desk. She smiles at the camera.

Many universes, one story

What came before the Big Bang, and what exists outside of the universe it created? UNC cosmologist Laura Mersini-Houghton’s new book explores her journey in pushing boundaries. Do you ever … Read more

Fall 2022

Lookin Off Place Bluff Mountain Ashe County

Places in My Heart

North Carolina, the Old North State, is an ocean wave breaking, a fiddler sawing away in the mountain night, a hundred Ayrshire milk cows lowing in a Piedmont dawn, the … Read more

Spring 2022

A women on a ladder in a bookstore surrounded by shelves of books.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea: Enjoy new books from College faculty, alumni

Romare Bearden in the Homeland of His Imagination: An Artist’s Reckoning with the South (UNC Press, May 2022) by Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore (Ph.D. history ’92), professor of history emerita at … Read more

Spring 2022

Stack of books on a dark black background with a coffee or tea mug sitting on top.

Expand your bookshelf: More books by College faculty and alumni

North Carolina: Land of Water, Land of Sky (UNC Press, October 2021) By Bland Simpson ’73, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Creative Writing, with photographs by Ann Cary Simpson, Scott Taylor … Read more

Fall 2021

Claude Clegg, dressed in a suit, sits at his desk and smiles at the camera with a computer screen in the background with a picture of his Obama book cover.

Writing history in real time

On Election Night 2008, Claude Clegg, eyes glued to cable news, was chatting with a relative on the phone in the moments before Democratic nominee Barack Obama was announced the … Read more

Fall 2021

Legendborn book cover; Tracy Deonn portrait

A seat at the Round Table

It’s a familiar setting: a bell tower, a cemetery — and just off campus, a castle that’s home to a secret society and its own legends. The glow of magic … Read more

Spring 2021

A stack of books in front of a muted background.

Read more books: Additional offerings by College faculty and alumni

I Am a Man: Photographs of the Civil Rights Movement, 1960-1970 (University Press of Mississippi, February 2021) by William R. Ferris, the Joel R. Williamson Eminent Professor of History Emeritus … Read more

Spring 2021