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"Macrophage" by Tammy Shen and Jack Griffith.

Applied Physical Sciences: Bringing new inventions that change lives to the marketplace

Making solar energy more economical and developing targeted drug treatments to effectively fight cancer and cystic fibrosis — these are among the cutting-edge research activities affiliated with the new department … Continued

Fall 2014 Fall 2014, Features, Issues

Performance photo from the WWI Centenary Project

Exploring the legacy of World War I through talks, performances, art and more

The legacy and impact of World War I will be explored during a yearlong, interdisciplinary conversation at UNC during the 2014-2015 academic year.

Fall 2014 Fall 2014, Inside, Issues, The Scoop

An artist’s conception of a white dwarf star in orbit with pulsar PSR J2222-0137.

Stellar discoveries: White dwarf stars and exotic exoplanets

UNC astronomers Bart Dunlap and Nicholas Law played a key role in exciting summer 2014 discoveries involving white dwarf stars and exoplanet systems (planets around other stars).

Fall 2014 Fall 2014, Inside, Issues, The Scoop