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Old Well Color Illustration

The Old Well: Past, Present and Future

From a hole in the ground to a Temple of Love, the Old Well has come a long way. And if you’re wondering just how old the Old Well is … Read more

Fall 2012 Fall 2012, Finale

Jean DeSaix

Meet the Teacher: Jean DeSaix, biology

Jean DeSaix, a UNC biology master lecturer, understands those university students from small towns and rural areas.

Fall 2012 Fall 2012, The Scoop

Patricia Parker

Parker named director of faculty diversity initiatives

Patricia S. Parker has been appointed Director of Faculty Diversity Initiatives for the College of Arts and Sciences, a new position recommended by the College’s Faculty Diversity Task Force.

Fall 2012 Fall 2012, The Scoop

Whirligigs by Vollis Simpson

Whirligig Wonders: Preserving the folk art of Vollis Simpson

For more than 25 years, both locals and visitors from near and far have traveled to the “whirligig farm” of 93-year-old folk artist Vollis Simpson, a former machine repair shop owner and … Read more

Fall 2012 Fall 2012, The Scoop

Huqoq mosaic

Monumental synagogue building discovered in excavations in Galilee

A monumental synagogue building dating to the Late Roman and Byzantine periods (ca. 4th to 6th centuries C.E.) has been discovered in archaeological excavations at Huqoq in Israel’s Galilee.

Fall 2012 Fall 2012, The Scoop

Ron Alterovitz in his lab

They, Robots: The future is already here

If you haven’t come across a robot lately, it’s because they’re still not very good with people, says UNC computer scientist Ron Alterovitz.

Fall 2012 Fall 2012, Features

Doris Betts

College Bookshelf: Doris Betts

On April 21, UNC lost one of its literary luminaries with the passing of creative writing professor Doris Betts, UNC Alumni Distinguished Professor Emerita.

Fall 2012 Chapter & Verse, Fall 2012

Roger Putnam

Climbing El Capitan

UNC geology graduate student Roger Putnam is busy doing research this summer, but he won’t be sitting in front of a computer all day. He’s currently scaling El Capitan, a … Read more

Fall 2012 Fall 2012, The Scoop

North Carolina Coastline

The Future of the Outer Banks: Climate change’s effect on N.C.’s barrier islands

Laura Moore uses historical maps, geologic data and computational modeling tools to create simulations that show how the barrier has moved since it first formed about 8,500 years ago, and … Read more

Fall 2012 Fall 2012, Features

Lee Weisert records water sounds

Fluid Music: UNC musician explores sounds created by water

When Lee Weisert first heard the chords in “The Rite of Spring” as a high school student, the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.

Fall 2012 Fall 2012, Features