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Tar Heels Up Close

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Annette Lawrence has her hands in her pockets in the arboretum on UNC's campus

‘Making and unmaking’ Spring 2024

Artist Annette Lawrence emphasizes the process of creating and teaching students to embrace unexpected discoveries during the artistic process.

Headshot of Betsy Olson in front of her computer, whose screen reads "Report on Caregiving Youth in the U.S."

Exploring the special challenges of youth caregivers Spring 2024

Professor Betsy Olson raises the profile of the overlooked and vulnerable by cultivating a culture of collaboration through a geography lens.

Sidney Wilkerson-Hill is wearing a blue lab coat and smiling at the camera with chemistry lab equipment in the background.

Captivated by chemistry Spring 2024

Organic chemist Sidney Wilkerson-Hill is using a Sloan Research Fellowship to develop new small-molecule pesticides to combat mosquitoes that cause malaria.

A headshot of Alexandrea Ravenelle

Precarious workers in unprecedented times Fall 2023

Alexandrea Ravenelle’s latest book explores how COVID-19 affected the most vulnerable wage-earners.

Nicolas Pegard in his lab at UNC, surrounded by optical equipment.

Optimizing optics Fall 2023

Nicolas Pégard’s lab helps neuroscientists tackle research challenges with custom-designed optical technology.

Headshot of Banu Gökarıksel

Borders and boundaries Fall 2023

Political geographer Banu Gökarıksel directs Carolina’s popular curriculum in global studies while exploring her own research about global and local belonging.