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Bo Li is one of Carolina chemistry’s rising young stars. Behind her is Royce Murray, who has been with the department for nearly six decades and for whom Murray Hall is named. (phot

Chemistry at Carolina: Two centuries forever young

In April, Carolina chemistry will celebrate its 200th birthday. A key secret to reaching this venerable milestone and achieving an international reputation has been to invest in generations of promising … Read more

Spring 2018 Cover Stories, Features, Issues, Spring 2018

A student wearing a sunglasses and a Carolina hat at Chile's Atacama Desert

The Story of Study Abroad

UNC’s seismic shift in global education. (Senior Cassidy Greshko in the Atacama Desert in Chile. Photo by Jackson Hitchner ’18)

Fall 2017 Cover Stories, Fall 2017, Features, Issues

Jan Chambers' sketches based on Abbas Ibn Firnas' designs

Synergy Unleashed: Exploring the potential of interdisciplinary mashups

In the College of Arts & Sciences, we believe that the whole is indeed greater than the sum of its parts, which is why we are removing the barriers that … Read more

Spring 2017 Cover Stories, Features, Issues, Spring 2017

Jan Chambers, Glaire Anderson and Laura Miller hold a facsimile of an 11th-century Arabic manuscript

Flight of fancy

An art historian, a costume designer, a math biologist, a biomedical engineer and a team of undergraduate researchers unite to reimagine a breathtaking 9th-century flying experiment —and make a notable … Read more

Spring 2017 Cover Stories, Features, Inside, Issues, Spring 2017

Adonis Tello-Chavez looks at old records in Wilson Library

Helping students explore being Maya

Maya from the Margins connects anthropologists and librarians in North Carolina and Mexico to teach students about their Maya identity.

Spring 2017 Cover Stories, Features, Inside, Issues, Spring 2017

Katya Pertsova, Elliott Moreton and Jennifer Smith and Fabian Monrose hold sporks

‘Spork Lab’ tackles password security

The challenge of creating attack-resistant passwords is a perfect fit for two departments who at first glance might seem to have little in common: linguistics and computer science.

Spring 2017 Cover Stories, Features, Issues, Spring 2017

Faculty and students in a class in Greenlaw Hall

Creating a buzz about health humanities

If you hear the word “lab” and picture test tubes and autoclaves, the Health and Humanities: An Interdisciplinary Venue for Exploration lab will expand your horizons.

Spring 2017 Cover Stories, Features, Issues, Spring 2017

Jeff Olander and Roberto Camassa next to the fluids lab wave tank in Chapman Hall

High-tech fluids lab attracts waves of research partners

The fluids lab in Chapman Hall is the nexus for collaborative projects in mathematics, anthropology, marine sciences, physics and computer science.

Spring 2017 Cover Stories, Features, Issues, Spring 2017

Will McInerney performs spoken word, holding a microphone and gripping his chest

Carolina’s Human Heart: Living the arts and humanities

The arts and humanities inform, inspire, energize and excite us. They bring context and meaning to the important issues of the day — and to our lives. This fall, the … Read more

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Quirky illustration of a cartoony machine/engine

Igniting Creativity

These stories show how creativity gets our gears going — how the art of making and creating is valuable to the work of faculty, students and alumni across the arts, … Read more

Spring 2016 Cover Stories, Features, Inside, Issues, Spring 2016