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Access to innovators

September 28, 2017

Alumni give students in Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship an immersive semester-long experience in Silicon Valley.

A monumental dig

September 28, 2017

A large-scale archaeological project on Crete has created an enduring collaboration, an experiential global learning opportunity for UNC students and a future heritage tourism site for the region.

Water Over the Bridge

September 27, 2017

A professor of American studies is helping port communities worldwide understand how rising sea levels and other impacts of climate change affect shipping and coastal infrastructures.

Carolina Quoted

September 26, 2017

When national and international media need experts to comment on and analyze news and trends, they turn to Carolina.

A love for Latin rhythm

September 26, 2017

Music professor Stephen Anderson, a critically acclaimed composer and pianist, has a knack for finding Latin rhythms wherever he goes — most recently, the Dominican Republic.

Convergent science gains momentum

September 26, 2017

Rich Superfine, chair of the department of applied physical sciences, explains this next-generation approach to science and the new institute that will be home to it at UNC.

Science sized super-small

September 26, 2017

UNC researchers converge to pool their talents, creating nanocomposites with extraordinary properties.

The 0.3 percent

September 22, 2017

Carolina alumna Zena Cardman is a new NASA astronaut trainee. Over 18,000 people applied to be in the 2017 class; she was one of 12 selected.