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Bookmark this: More books by College faculty and alumni (spring 2019)

Update your bookshelf with these new works by College faculty and alumni…

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New book tracks public shift toward LGBTQ politicians

Andrew Reynolds explores the power of individuals like Milk in effecting social change and, in turn, public policy, in The Children of Harvey Milk: How LGBTQ Politicians Changed the World (Oxford University Press, 2018)…

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Curl up with a good book: New reads by College faculty and alumni (fall 2018)

Curl up with a good book: Enjoy new reads by College faculty and alumni, published this fall.…

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New book examines political filmmaking during the Palestinian revolution

Nadia Yaqub’s Palestinian Cinema in the Days of Revolution (University of Texas Press) traces Palestinian political filmmaking from the late 1960s to the early 1980s.…

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Evana Bodiker in the Music Library Glass Room in Wilson Library.

Blue Morpho

Evana Bodiker is a senior pursuing majors in English and religious studies and a minor in creative writing. “Blue Morpho” is one of the poems featured in her new poetry collection, Ephemera.

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Explore more: New books by College faculty and alumni (spring 2018)

Looking for new books for your bookshelf? Explore these new books by faculty and alumni of the College of Arts & Sciences.

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Respect your (book)shelf: New books by College faculty and alumni (fall 2017)

Carolina faculty and alumni make headlines year-round with their award-winning publications: here is a list of new reads from fall 2017 that will show your bookshelf you care.

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Dana Coen, director of the Writing for the Screen and Stage program, says a new book featuring former students’ one-act plays gives readers “an opportunity to visit the minds of young creatives” at UNC

New book celebrates UNC student playwrights

Dana Coen, director of UNC’s Writing for the Screen and Stage minor in the department of communication, recently discussed the program and Twenty-Five Short Plays: Selected Works from The University of North Carolina Long Story Shorts Festival, 2011-2015, published by UNC Press in September.

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Green Thought

Green Thought is a poem by Alan Shapiro from his new book, Life Pig.

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Expand your library: More books by College faculty and alumni (spring 2017)

Explore a list of books written by College faculty and alumni.

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Celebrating Carolina Firsts: National honors for first-gen efforts

Letter From the Dean

This issue celebrates the tenacity of our first-generation students — and a few of the uniquely Carolina programs that support them during their time on campus

Give to Carolina

Davie Hall is home to the department of psychology and neuroscience. Ann Rankin Cowan’s latest gift will establish a fund to support high-impact research in the department.


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