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Historical photo showing Father James Devereux’s 1975 English class

Lectures before laptops


In 1975, while alumni were drawing up the charter for the Arts and Sciences Foundation, these Carolina students were crowded into Dr. James Devereux’s English class. The students in this photo, taken October 1, 1975, wrote papers on a typewriter, communicated with far-flung friends and family via letters and landline phones, and listened to music on the radio, vinyl albums or on a “new” technology—cassette tapes.

Are you in this photo, or know anyone who is? In what building was this class held? Email Kim Spurr,, and share your UNC memories of 1975. We may post them on our website. (Click here to view a larger version of the photo.)

Photo courtesy of N.C. Collection, University of North Carolina Library at Chapel Hill.


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