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Color illustration celebrating the senior class of 2015. A girl's hand, sleeved in a Carolina blue gown, holds a phone with a text from "Mom" saying "Are you ready?" while items on the desk highlight student life: a copy of the Daily Tar Heel, a Class of 2015 sticker on a laptop, a OneCard and more.

Congratulations Class of 2015

We asked Linnea Lieth, a sophomore from Chapel Hill, to create an original illustration as a send-off gift for our graduating seniors. She said the drawing represents a class of hardworking students who are on the brink of transition into the real world, coming to terms with the important question: Are you ready? Lieth is a studio art major with minors in German and poetry. She loves drawing (naturally!) and appreciating the art that can be found in music, film, literature and everyday life.‚Äč (Click here to view a larger version of the image.)


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